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Racking Inspection Services (RIS)

Our Racking Inspections consist of a site visit by a fully trained APC 'Racking Inspector'. The inspector will undertake a visual inspection of your racking, provide feedback showing the existing damage, potential risks and can create a plan of action to ensure the safety of your staff.

What We Look For

Our Racking Inspectors will commence a full visual inspection of your racking to assess each component for strength, corrosion, serviceability and overall condition.

The assessment will include:

  • Impact damage from materials handling equipment
  • Horizontal beam deflection - permanent deformation
  • Load sign details and compliance 
  • Damaged beam connectors - bowing cracked or bending connectors
  • Missing or damaged safety pins
  • Out of plumb racking - twisting or leaning posts
  • Missing, loose or dislodged components
  • Corrosion caused by the environment or from the products being stored

Unsure if You Need an Inspection?

Has your racking been inspected within the last 12 months? The Australian Standard for Steel Storage (AS4084:2012) recommends an annual inspection to evaluate the condition of your system and identify any damaged components that need replacing. 

When working with materials handling equipment, accidents happen that usually can damage your racking system. Any item that has been damaged will weaken the structure and may compromise the integrity of the racking, placing your stock and employees at risk. 

To eliminate the risk, why not call to see how we can help you!

Straight from the Standard

The Australian Standard AS4084:2012 - Steel Storage, covers all static racking with the exception of Drive-in, Cantilever and Mobile racking.

Section 9.2 - Inspections

"Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every 12 months to:
  • ensure the correct application and use of the equipment;
  • ensure that safe working loads are adhered to;
  • ensure that the racking installation has not been altered. A copy of the load application and configuration drawings shall be retained for this purpose
  • examine the extent of damage due to impact in the racking installation;
  • examine the out of plumb of the racking;
  • examine for any dislocation and deformation of sections and connections for uprights and beams; and
  • examine connectors for deformation or signs of cracking at the welds."

System Appraisal

APC's Racking Inspectors can also assist with a detailed appraisal of your racking system. They will review your warehouse for optimum layouts, recommend any corrective action and draw up racking layouts to improve operator use and reduce the risk of damage to the racking system. Inclusive of this system appraisal, inspectors can also source and install any components needed, ensuring your warehouse is compliant with the Australian Standard (AS4084:2012) and running at its full potential.

Safety Training

Our Racking Inspectors provide operator training programs for personnel working within a close proximity to the racking. They are trained on risk areas within a storage system, what to look for, the correct maintenance and best practices for working around racking. The training teaches your staff how to best utilise the racking in a safe and responsible manner. We explain the importance of regular racking inspections and teach staff what types of damage the system is susceptible to. Once the session is complete, you will be given a 'Racking User Manual' which can be utilised for in-house training, ensuring all personnel are aware of the processes and safe procedures for racking use and maintenance.

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