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Warehouse Storage

APC Warehouse Technology's Systems have been developed to deliver the highest quality storage solutions for any industrial application. We are an Australian manufacturer that specialises in Racking, Shelving, Raised Storage Areas and Warehouse Automation.


Whether you want to take better advantage of your current space, or you are building a new warehouse, APC manufactures racking solutions that are tailored quickly, easily and economically to your needs.​ If you aren't certain which system is best, our experienced consultants would be happy to help.

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APC warehouse shelving systems incorporate a versatile and efficient design, which means your customised warehouse storage solution can be met with perfection. Custom industrial shelving units are built to suit a diverse range of applications and meet all of your storage solutions needs.

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Mezzanines are an economical way of increasing the usable floor area within your building. Each floor can be single or double tiered and is designed around your particular warehouse storage system requirements, whether it be for bulk storage, order picking or even to build an office.

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Warehouse automation is the process of optimising the design of a storage system for your warehouse space that can significantly reduce the amount of labour in the warehouse due to the incorporation of technology such as Satellite Racking and Conveyor systems to name a few.

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