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TouchDrive Aislesaver®

TouchDrive™ Aislesaver is the latest evolution in motorised mobile shelving: a 24V DC  low voltage, fully automated unit that runs on WiFi and offers enhanced safety, efficiency and security.

With its large LCD touch screen display, TouchDrive™ Aislesaver is easy to understand and simple to use, irrespective of carriage length or weight. Different aisles can be restricted to specific personnel or departments with pin code access; and with its advanced total detection system, it reduces the risk of damage or injury. For a storage solution that offers maximum efficiency and safety with minimum interference and running costs, TouchDrive™ is the ultimate choice in high density mobile storage.

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White Satin
Cyber Grey

Custom colours available upon request.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Plug and Play installation
  • One touch operation 7” LCD screens
  • WiFi base controller unit with 5” LCD touch panel
  • Passive safety system
  • Safety sensors installed to ensure a safe operation for everyone involved
  • Motor current monitoring system (MCMS) recognises obstructions for enhanced safety
  • Emergency stop on each unit
  • Power unit converter - 220/240v AC to 24v DC
  • LED aisle lighting (700 lux)
  • Controlled acceleration & deceleration DC motor 
  • Automatic Speed Control
  • Optional RFID card reader, fingerprint or pin access
  • Editable language settings
  • Optional warning alarms and lights
  • Night mode
  • 5 year product warranty on moving parts
  • 10 year product warranty on fixed parts

Technical Specifications

The  TouchDrive™ mobile shelving is dependant on the size of the individual shelving bays. If these sizes do not suit, get in touch with us!

Bay Height

1875mm, 2175mm, 2375mm

Bay Width

750mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm

Bay Depth

300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm

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Safety Touch Ind

A Safe & Secure system

It’s important to have a motorised mobile shelving unit that is safe and secure in any work environment or public space. The TouchDriveTM Aislesaver is one of the safest units on the market, with its safety systems working together to keep users from harm or injury, and items free from damage. Our main safety features are:

  • Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS)
  • Distance sensor
  • Floor Sensor
  • Photo Safety Sensor
  • Emergency Stop
  • Aisle Entry Safety Sensor

Track Selection

We provide two options for the track of the TouchDrive, an aluminium track (AT) and a steel track (ST). Receiving the correct track for your use is imperative to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. 

Aluminium Track (AT)

  • Designed to sit on top of the existing floor
  • No fixings required, making it easily relocatable
  • Perfect fit for offices

Steel Track (ST)

  • Robust track and carriage, capable of moving larger systems and heavier loads
Touch Custom


The TouchDriveTM is a unit that can be fully customised to provide your company with a purpose built machine that works seamlessly with your current business systems and fits in with your decor or corporate branding. Some of the common customisation options are listed below:

  • Cover Panels are available in different colours or with a vinyl print
  • LCD Panels graphics can be altered to include company branding
  • Speed of the system can be adjusted to suit
  • Lighting can be added to the shelving to provide visibility at all hours
  • Added security via RFID, fingerprint or pin access can be added

Environmental Sustainability

More energy efficient than any other automated motorised mobile system on the Australian market, APC's TouchDriveTM is a key asset to any organisation looking to save money and the environment. The environmental impact can easily be seen through the following factors:

  • Reduce power usage 
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Ability to be recycled and repurposed
Blue Australian Map

Australian Made

Designed and made in Perth by us for you, our shelving products use sustainable, locally sourced materials such as the high quality BlueScope Steel. Our R&D team is equipped with state-of-the-art sheet metal prototyping that allows our local manufacturing to not only provide small lead times, but additional customisation in relation to the sizing and colour options for our whole steel and mobile shelving range.

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