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Structural Mezzanine

A heavy duty multi-tiered system, constructed from structural steel providing a larger load capacity than a standard Mezzanine.

APC’s structural mezzanine is a heavy duty system, constructed from structural steel. This steel allows for wider column spans that are not obstructed, like that of the standard racking supported mezzanine. Mezzanines are the ultimate system in utilising floor space, as they have been designed to optimise vertical head room through creating multi-tiered levels offering double or triple the return on floor rates. Each system is tailor made to suit your specific application. APC have designed these mezzanines to integrate with various products to drive efficiency and functionality of the operation. APC's structural mezzanine is fully compliant with all relevant Australian Standards and the Building Codes of Australia.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Optimises vertical head room by creating multi tiered levels 
  • Offers wider below floor spans than that of the racking supported mezzanine 
  • Plywood and mesh flooring options available to suit application 
  • Constructed from structural steel for a heavier duty system 
  • Offers double or triple the return on floor rates through increased cube utilisation  
  • Tailored made to suit each specific application 
  • Versatile in applications, it can be used for additional office space to increase shelving and racking storage  
  • Easily integrated with a number of products such as chutes, conveyors/ automated systems and pallet access gates to increase units efficiency and functionality  
  • Delivers vast improvement in picking accuracy and efficiency through increased organisation of product 

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