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Racking Protection

Racking protection is the safest way to prolong the life of your warehouse storage from forklift related damage. APC rack protection is constructed from high quality materials that have been thoroughly tested and are finished in vibrant colours to ensure they stand out and offer the best protection.


The revolutionary patented design is unlike regular metal guards, formed from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, the system diffuses the impact through the guard rather than the upright. 

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Angle Guard

Designed to easily fit around the upright, the angle guard deflects frontal impact whilst minimising loading obstruction.

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Corner Guard

The compact design is perfect for tapered corners of racking, without obstructing operations. Being securely anchored to the floor, deflects impact from uprights corners.

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End Frame Barrier

A long protective frame designed to deflect impact from aisle ends, offering tapered corners to further protect the uprights from any side impact.

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